A new technology in the oral professional field, Lanap surgery, is being heralded as one of the most significant advances in the area of treating gum disease and periodontal disorders. The name is an acronym for laser-assisted new attachment procedure, and despite the name, this new strategy in battling gum disease is one of the quickest and safest alternatives to traditional oral operations.

Devised back in 1991, the procedure had finally had its calling in 2004 when it was ultimately cleared by the FDA, allowing for any trained dental practice to administer the procedure. The main benefit of which is in the high-powered but controlled laser, which can precisely destroy diseased gum tissue, while remaining safe for the patient.
Additionally, Lanap surgery remains one of the least invasive types of oral operations that one can experience. Since the nature of the laser sterilizes and cauterizes the spot of operation concurrently, the patient experiences much less bleeding, and more importantly, much less pain than a typical procedure.

The added benefit is that the operation can be performed as an out-patient procedure, with offices such as IngeniousDentistry here in Houston administering this new technique for several years now. Though most oral operations would render a patient immobile and unable to return to work for many days or even weeks, this laser-assisted operation can have patients returning to their jobs within 24 hours of the initial procedure. Even better, the procedure only calls for a couple of two hour sessions, and only two follow-up appointments to confirm that everything post-op is going according to plan. Amazingly, many patients who get the procedure report almost no pain when returning to work, and require no prescription medication to treat any pain that may come afterward.