Cracked Tooth Syndrome involves a condition where the enamel has experienced a fracture that is threatening the dentin, nerve endings, roots and enamel.  It can be caused by biting down on things that are extremely hard such as ice or wood such as a pencil.  Bruxism can also cause it which is a constant grinding of the teeth at night.

Call Us Today!If the fracture isn’t that large, Cracked Tooth Syndrome may start out being asymptomatic, or without symptoms.  In this early stage, it may be possible to treat the fissure without any other serious harm being inflicted because of it.  Once the onset of pain has happened, then the fracture more than likely has gotten down to the dentin or the nerve endings and more damage has happened.  While it is still salvageable at this stage, the patient should not delay in seeking treatment.  Pain always means there is a problem whether it is big or small.  Sensitivity to hot or cold along with stabbing pain when chewing or biting down or releasing is all symptoms.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome can be caused by a lack of calcium in the diet which will lead to the breakdown of the harder substances of the body like enamel and bones.  In this case, a healthy and balanced diet can aid in prevention.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome can be treated if it is caught early enough.  If it is allowed to progress, root canal or extraction may end up being the final result as can be nerve death.

Prevention is the best way to fight this condition.  By maintaining a healthy oral hygiene regime and going to regularly scheduled dentist appointments, this condition may be discovered in its earliest stages.  The dentist will be on the lookout for these types of fissures and fractures during an exam.