Many people can attest to the fact that all porcelain crowns were not an option just a few decades ago.  Instead, there was a ceramic and metal infused material that was used for this process.  This material was strong and durable but it had drawbacks that were not so attractive.  A thin bluish line at the base of the tooth and the resulting discoloration to the gum line were very common with its use.  This was not a desirable thing to have to deal with and it was not an option that a lot of people chose.

Today patients have the advantage of being able to opt for all porcelain crowns.  Made of much more durable materials, the metal is no longer necessary for added strength.  As science and technology continued to move forward, the materials that were available to the dental profession kept improving.  The porcelain material that is used today is extremely strong and will last a long time.

There are two types of all porcelain crowns available.  Which the dentist decides to use will depend on what area of the mouth is involved.  The frontal area of the mouth on the upper and lower jaw can rely on a material and process known as bonding.  The material is not nearly as hard when it is completely bonded, but it closely resembles the look of the other teeth in the mouth.  This is important to people who want a flawless smile.  The teeth that are not as readily seen can benefit from extra strength materials that aren’t as easily seen. This is important for this area of the mouth because there is more pressure applied on the teeth by the jaw in the back of the mouth from chewing.

It is very important for the patient to schedule an appointment to replace any missing teeth in order to keep the mouth and gums as healthy as possible.