Many people try and find alternatives to partial dentures because they often have a lot of problems that the patient deals with.  Most people think that just because they have them put in that their problems are solved, but that is far from true.  They are held in the mouth by special clamps.  They are inexpensive and are easy to remove so that the person can easily have them cleaned at night.  As many patients have found out though, there are better alternatives to partial dentures.

A dentist can sit down and consult with their patient on which procedures would be best for them.  They can answer any questions and concerns the patient may have.  Some of the other ways of repairing a broken or fractured tooth are having a dental implant, bridge, or there is always delayed treatment.

Delayed treatment or no treatment at all is by far the worst of the alternatives to partial dentures.  Neglecting treatment can lead to more severe and permanent damage of the teeth and jawbone.  It can cause shrinking of the jawbone.  This can cause problems with alignment and possibly worse.

Having a dental bridge put in is a great choice.  It is a much better choice than doing nothing or dentures.  It gives the person a lot more chewing power because they are made securely and stronger.  A bridge is built for stabilizing the other teeth, and it stays in rather than being removable.

So far, the best of the alternatives to partial dentures is a dental implant.  This is embedded in the jawbone much like a natural tooth.  Because of this fact, the jawbone will not shrink.  This is as close as a patient will get in having a natural tooth.  This costs more than the other options, but is well worth it.