Anaesthesia is a topical or local sedation that is given to dental patients while they are receiving certain procedures and treatments.  In the past, this was only used for surgeries and other types of invasive treatments such as extractions.  Today, more and more dentists realize that patients have anxieties about coming to the dentist so they are even offering a local with a routine teeth cleaning visit.

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Local anaesthesia is applied by injection into the site where the dentist will be working.  A dental assistant or the dentist may be the one that gives the injection to the patient.  This is a short duration type of sedative.  There is also a topical sedative that is usually applied to the gum area before the local is given.  The topical is applied by merely putting it directly on the tooth or gum.  This lessens the pain that the patient will feel from the needle when the local is given.

Other types of sedation may be necessary for treatments or procedures that will be longer in duration.  This may be given by a dental anesthesiologist.  However, it isn’t that often that this type of sedation is necessary and if it is, it will more than likely happen at a dental surgeon’s office.  While there are deep sedations that can be given to patient that will leave them conscious but clearly sedated, other types of anaesthesia will render the patient completely unconscious.  Again, it depends on the type of procedure being performed.

Anaesthesia is a safe way to have a comfortable dental visit without anxiety and fear.  It is also the best way to avoid the pain associated with some types of treatments and procedures that must be performed.