Every year, women and men alike spend millions of dollars on anti-aging creams to help them look and feel their best. Unfortunately, these creams are not all they’re cracked up to be – evidenced by the fact that you have to keep using them daily to see results!

The simple fact is that no cream can truly restore the appearance or elasticity of the skin.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons.

Why Anti-Aging Cream is Never the Best Bet for the Skin You Want

Creams that claim to fight wrinkles, age spots and more make up a huge piece of the cosmetics industry – a multi-billion dollar business. It’s no surprise that companies fight hard for patronage from people who want their faces to reflect youthful vitality.

Unfortunately, creams are very limited in what they can offer.

Yes, there are some things that certain anti-aging creams can do for you. For example, some of them are effective at hydrating the skin or providing it with nutrients that can help it “glow.” This is a contributor to overall skin health.

For wrinkles, however, creams are simply ineffective.

Most wrinkles are caused by culprits creams can’t influence, such as:

  • The breakdown of collagen and other proteins that provide skin elasticity;
  • Unwanted collection of, or loss of, fat deposits in certain areas of the face;
  • The effects of gravity and simple interactions between muscles of the face.

The value of cream is limited to the outermost layers of the skin, while the factors that really cause wrinkles go far deeper. With that in mind, it’s important to look for a solution that truly works… and may even be less expensive than costly creams you need to buy every week.

Botox is the Solution to Reduce or Eliminate Common Wrinkles Fast

When it comes to Botox vs. anti-aging cream, Botox wins hands down: It’s the most popular anti-aging treatment in the United States today. Botox works in a targeted way to paralyze some of the facial muscles that contribute to wrinkles through excessive movement.

Dr. Michael Streitmann, who administers Botox at Ingenious Dentistry, notes:

“Botox or other neurotoxins work differently than anti-aging cream in that you paralyze the muscle under the skin versus putting cream over the skin. Anti-aging cream works the surface of the skin by taking away fine lines and wrinkles, whereas if you paralyze the muscle below the skin you can stop the action of wrinkles from starting. Both are beneficial to an anti-ageing regimen, however, neurotoxins can stop wrinkles from starting if you begin the process early. Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin can be a beneficial component in the cosmetic dentistry practice to create a youthful appearance along with teeth whitening and teeth straightening, creating a youthful face.”

You can use Botox in a variety of places in the face and only treat areas you are concerned with.

Botox treatment might take as little as a few minutes. There’s no downtime involved, and you will notice the difference right away. It’s easy, effective, and it lasts for three to six months. That makes it far easier to fit into the average household budget than creams.

Botox at a Dentist’s Office? Yes! Botox in Houston is Now Available at Ingenious Dentistry

Ingenious Dentistry is proud to offer Botox at affordable rates to our Houston, TX, clients – whether you need dental work or not. If you’re interested in learning more, simply contact us today.