Call us to find out more about dental implants!The best dental implants are not universal, as an ideal fit depends on the size and shape of the patient’s jaw. Most companies produce them out of titanium, though other alloys like aluminum and vanadium are also used in the manufacturing process. Of the 150 manufacturers that are considered makers of high quality products, some of the better known ones are Straumann, Zimmer and Nobel Biocare. This surgery is considered to be so safe, and can be performed in the patient’s home under basic anesthesia.

Straumann, Zimmer and Nobel Biocare have all been in business for a decent amount of time. Zimmer has been creating high quality prosthetics since 1927, and Straumann is available in more than 50 countries. Nobel Biocare created a full system that their hygienists use. They simply set the abutment of the implant, depending on the tooth the patient is having work done on, and they are good to go.
The most common device is a root tool, which is attached directly to the jaw bone. While it is high quality, a patient must have a decent amount of bone in his or her jaw for the attachment to take. Sub periostea is another form, which is for the clients who have less bone in their jaw. The ramus frame, similar to the root form, is attached to a metal stud that is screwed into the jaw.

The procedure does not take long to complete, and the client is put under anesthesia, such as Novocain, to make it go by smoothly. Some hygienists use a stent, which shows them where on the patient jaw to install the prosthetic. The best dental implants for the client will put together a great smile.