Full dental implants offer the best solution for missing teeth, whether from injury or an illness. These replacements are developed from the finest titanium and ceramics to create a long lasting, natural looking smile. This procedure is the recommended by oral healthcare professionals more than any other surgery or replacement option.

The nature of one’s condition will determine if this procedure is a good fit. If one is completely missing one or more teeth, this is often the best option for treatment. Common reasons for this procedure are tooth decay, gingivitis, and severe injury. One’s family oral care doctor can recommend the best surgeons to perform the procedure if they are not able to do it.

This procedure utilizes an end osseous implant that places a titanium post into the jawbone that fuses permanently through the process of osseointegration.  The posts act and appear to the jaw as a natural root and tooth, helping the jaw accept the new root. This prevents damage to surrounding teeth from other oral replacement options. Replacement teeth secure directly to the post and are created to match one’s natural teeth.

The process of osseintregration fuses these oral replacements to the bone allowing the device to provide the strength, appearance, and durability of natural teeth while preventing the jaw from disintegrating or receding.  Some oral replacements are held in place by wings that secure it to the surrounding teeth, but these attachments can slip out of place. Full dental implants use commercially pure titanium and are facture resistant, and the durability of this material makes it the strongest oral replacement procedure in existence. This procedure can give a patient back the confidence in their smile that has been missing for years.  This procedure offers the perfect solution to anyone who has missing or damaged teeth.