Cosmetic dental enhancements not only enrich a patient’s life, but it can also give them back their confidence to smile.  Whether a patient is embarrassed because of staining or they just want a whiter smile, these procedures are designed to give the patient the best results.

Someone who wants a more permanent and better looking solution to dentures would seek out a number of different dental improvements.  Implants are often sought out because they are permanent, and they look and feel more like natural teeth.  They also provide a way to stop the bone recession that takes place when teeth are pulled or extracted from the jaw bone.  This means that the patient will no longer be faced with denture adhesives, and needing to have adjustments every year or so. It also means not having a new denture made about every five to ten years. Implants give the patient the confidence to speak, smile, and eat foods that they once had to avoid.

Bridges are used to fill in the void where an extraction has taken place.  This is important because if there is a gap in the teeth, the other teeth may shift or move sideways or move up out of the socket.  Having this type of cosmetic dental implants stops this unnecessary and unhealthy movement.

Whitening treatments are also available.  These procedures have become very popular. They start at the dental office, but can be done at home with specially designed trays that apply the bleaching agent to the teeth.  The result is whiter and brighter teeth.

All of these are examples that have become much more popular recently. They all help with the overall health of the patient, as well as their confidence.