Those considering dental implants to replace broken or missing teeth should weigh the cost of doing so against the expected future expenses of not doing so. At Ingenious Dentistry, Dr. Dale Brant has years of experience with dental implants.
“When teeth break or fracture, the nerve in the tooth can be exposed and this will eventually lead to the nerve getting infected,” Dr. Brant says. “Once the nerve in the tooth is infected, a series of events occur inside the tooth leading to swelling and unbearable pain. If the tooth is beyond repair, then it needs to be extracted. The ideal solution is a dental implant to replace the missing tooth.”
Infections Will Lead to Expensive Issues
For children, losing teeth is normal and natural. For adults, a loose tooth is often the sign of a bigger problem. Infections in the bone or gums can lead to loose teeth and can also result in a long list of more serious medical issues. These include heart disease, stroke, liver infections and diabetes complications, among others.

To prevent these health issues from occurring, it is best to have problem teeth removed and missing teeth replaced.

Missing Teeth Can Affect Other Healthy Teeth

When you lose a tooth, your entire mouth will be affected. When a tooth is in place, it stimulates the tissue in the gums. When you lose a tooth and there is no longer a root to cause that stimulation, the area will begin to deteriorate. This can lead to the spread of infection, bone loss, and gum disease, all of which are costly problems to fix.
Dr. Brant notes, “Once you start losing teeth, the remaining teeth usually shift into different positions and this misalignment of the teeth can cause problems chewing your food properly and will lead to TMJ pain.”

Dental implants will stop this process.

Improving Your Quality of Life

While health is an obvious concern for those with loose or missing teeth, appearance must also be considered. Dental implants look natural and are made to fit perfectly with your natural teeth. The result is an increase in confidence, knowing that you have a natural, healthy smile.
In addition to gaps in the mouth, missing teeth and deteriorating jawlines can also create a sunken appearance on the face. This can age you dramatically and cause a sagging, unhealthy look. Implants keep up the structure of the mouth and prevent the face from sagging inward.

Ingenious Dentistry
Dr. Dale Brant says, “Missing or broken and fractured teeth can deprive a person of confidence in their smile and can also lead to infections, which can negatively affect their oral health and overall health. Dental implants can restore a patient’s smile and their confidence. When cared for correctly, dental implants can last a lifetime. Dental implants have been a win/win for us and our patients and not once has someone regretted getting dental implants.”
For more information on dental implants, please contact Ingenious Dentistry. Dr. Brant and his friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and are ready to help you achieve a beautiful, natural smile of which you can be proud!