Dealing with a dark tooth can be an unpleasant experience.  If a patient had a choice, he would definitely choose to have to deal with it as a child, as the condition during childhood is likely not to be a serious one.  In children, the condition of dark tooth is most likely connected to some sort of trauma to the teeth, and once it has resolved itself, the discoloration may do so as well.  The interruption to the blood flow can get back to normal after the dislodged tooth has had the chance to settle back into the socket.  Parents should be not be cavalier about this though and should still bring the child in to be examined by the practitioner to be sure there is nothing more than observation that should be done.

In the event that an adult is dealing with a dark tooth, there is a good chance it is a much more serious issue.  When this is found in an adult, the nerve is infected already, and the root is probably dying.  This leaves the patient with several treatment options to consider.  Whitening treatments or, in some cases, a cosmetic bonding agent may be used.  Veneers and caps are two other options that might be under consideration in dealing with a dark tooth.  Whatever the concern or problem, the patient should feel safe and confident with the practice.  He should give his practice a call and see what the staff there says to do.  Taking care of things earlier on rather than later is always a good motto when it comes to medical treatment.