Dental caps, or crowns, are an affordable, attractive restorative technique that fits securely on an existing tooth or implant. Crowns add stability and strength to weakened or damaged teeth. They are durable, too, so patients do not need to continually worry about replacement or slippage. This particular affordable restorative procedure may last over a decade, depending on the type of material used to create the customized crown and the maintenance of the new tooth.

What are a few of the benefits of dental caps? Are they expensive?

A crown can restore complete functionality to the tooth. It retains its strength and integrity, so people can eat any food they would eat with their natural teeth. The process will strengthen weak or injured teeth restoring the mouth to its original form.

A crown is a permanent part of the mouth. It does not slip or move around like dentures or retainers. Artificial mouthpieces can cause sores and irritation, and they can limit favorite food consumption. This type of procedure does not interfere with the mouth or gums, so it is most like a natural tooth.

A crown actually protects the tooth underneath. The crown fits over a damaged tooth that has been properly prepared, and it prevents further decay. It acts as a splint for the damaged tooth protecting it from further degradation, while enhancing the look of the patient’s smile.

A crown is the closest thing to a real tooth the medical community has to offer. It is attractive and blends in with the surrounding natural teeth. Patients can give the illusion of a full set of healthy, natural teeth with dental caps.

Speech can be impaired by dentures, bridges, and missing teeth. Restoring the teeth using crowns will improve speech and help with self-esteem. Prosthetics can fall out or become displaced when laughing or coughing, but with crowns that is not a worry.

Porcelain is a popular choice when creating crowns, and it is exceptionally stain resistant. Therefore, a crown is less likely to stain than other choices, and even natural teeth. It is a better choice because it also is more difficult to harbor debris and bacteria on the surface. However, it is imperative to remember the importance of proper hygiene because of the surrounding gums.

A crown can be placed on a tooth that has had a root canal or has been chipped, or it can be placed on an implant. It is a versatile part of dental restoration because it works so well. Any tooth, any situation, and any circumstance can be repaired with the help of high quality dental caps.

Finally, the crown will help improve self-esteem and self-image. A smile is often the first thing people notice about a new boss, acquaintance, or employee. It is important to guarantee the best smile for those important meetings. A crown is a good investment that helps improve confidence.

Dental caps are not expensive, especially when the benefits are taken into consideration. While most insurance companies will not pay for restorative procedures, there are a number of high quality insurers that will cover up to half of necessary procedures that will protect the mouth and bone structure. In addition, there are often special financing options available for those people that qualify.

A crown is the closest substance to a real tooth that strengthens and beautifies the mouth. There are numerous advantages to having an ideal smile and not all the reasons concern simple appearance. Whether it is to insure the integrity of the bone or to improve a smile, dental caps are cost effective choices for people that demand the best.