Dental Core Build Up is a very important part of the restorative services that a dentist offers.  Many times, a patient may assume that because a tooth or teeth have become broken or chipped that these are going to end up being extractions.  This does not have to be the outcome.  Through the many types of procedures that are available in dentistry today, it is possible to save the tooth or teeth more often than not.

Dental Core Build Up uses a material such as bond resin to fill in the areas of the tooth that have been damaged or lost to decay.  The dentist may go in and remove any areas that show signs of cavities or decay.  Then, the portion of the tooth or teeth that are left will be filled with the resin.  After the resin dries either on its own or with high intensity light, it will be shaped by the dentist.  This is done so that the solutions used to cement the permanent crown in place will have a viable surface to bond to in the future.

Dental Core Build Up is a procedure that will take more than one appointment to complete.  During the initial appointment, the dentist will clean the area of decay, fill the tooth, and then shape it.  After that is done, the temporary crown will be placed after an impression is made which will be sent to the laboratory to have the permanent crown sculpted.

During the final stage of Dental Core Build Up, the dentist will remove the temporary crown, place the permanent crown, and then check to make sure that the bite is correct and lined up.