When a patient has a decayed or damaged tooth, there is a great chance that their dentist can apply a dental core buildup.  If 50% or less of the damaged tooth is still there, this procedure can be done to save the remaining portion.  It will give much needed support to the parts remaining, supports the crown so it will not come off, and it acts as a shield that protects sensitive dentin from the interior of the crown.  By using dental core buildup, dentist can now save teeth that would have been labeled as hopeless in the past.  It is always best if the tooth can be saved, and this does just that.

The substance that is used is a special bonding resin.  This is a bio-friendly substance that can be sculptured into any shape needed.  It is also easy for the dentist to apply to each patient.  To make the patient feel more at ease, the dentist will numb the area in which they will be working and put a rubber dam in the patient’s mouth.  A rubber dam will block any debris that may go array while cleaning and preparing the teeth.

A dentist will then take a close and careful look at the damaged tooth to determine how much resin will be needed and to make sure all the plaque and bacteria is removed.  If it is left alone, it can cause further damage to the tooth.

Dentists will then apply a gel to the tooth that will cause a small amount of etching so that the resin used in the dental core buildup procedure will have a strong hold onto the surface.

The next thing that a dentist will do when applying a dental core buildup is make an impression of the teeth so that the lab can make a crown.  A temporary crown will be put on the patient’s tooth while they wait on the permanent one.  When the lab is done, the patient can then go back to have the permanent crown put on.