A dental crown is an excellent option to restore a tooth or teeth back to health.  Also referred to as a cap, this type of restoration procedure is far superior to other options such as fillings.  A filling is used to replace the parts of the tooth or teeth that were removed because of decay or disease.  While this is a viable option, it also tends to break down over time and eventually comes out of the tooth.  This leaves the interior areas, or core of the tooth, exposed to bacteria, food particles and debris that can cause infection and saliva that carries with it many types of bacteria.  A filling is sometimes viewed as unsightly and easily able to spot whereas a dental crown blends in effortlessly with the rest of the natural teeth in a patient’s mouth.  This leaves a patient with a pleasing smile.

A dental crown is not only the best aesthetic option, but it is also the option that offers the most reliability and durability.  This cap will last much longer than a filling.  Perhaps the biggest thing that separates the two would be the affordability.  Many people opt for fillings because of budgetary constraints.  However, there are financial options that one can look into to make a dental crown more affordable.

When the procedure is done, the dentist will place a temporary cap and take impressions for the permanent appliance.  Those impressions will then be sent to a laboratory where it will be made and then shipped back to the dentist.  The next appointment for the patient will be the removal of the temporary and placement of the permanent cap.