There may be confusion over understanding the difference between dental crowns and fillings.  Both of these procedures can repair teeth that are broken, misshapen or diseased.  Both of these procedures provide a lasting result that will endure as well.  However, there is one major difference between the two that might help the patient make up their mind as to which of the two types of treatments might be best for them.

While composite resin fillings are used to seal and rebuild a tooth or several teeth that have areas of the surface missing, the resin is only used on the area of the tooth that was missing or removed.  This is very effective at replacing the part of the tooth that was injured and keeping it from having further damage.  Of course dental crowns do the same thing, but the biggest difference is that they cover the entire tooth and not just the area that was removed or missing.

Another major difference between the two is that if a patient wishes to whiten their teeth on a cyclical basis, fillings will remain the color that they were when they were installed.  This means that they will not change color with the whitening procedure.  The end result is parts of the affected teeth will be two different colors.  This is not a problem with the caps that cover the entire tooth.  This can be a deciding factor for those patients that are concerned about appearances and are seeking this procedure for aesthetic reasons.

Even if a patient has chosen fillings in the past, they can opt to have them replaced with the caps at a later date if they choose to do so.