The adage about an ounce of prevention is surely true when it comes to dental denture sealants.  This is the best idea to come along in quite a while and it isn’t expensive, time consuming, painful or invasive.  A few minutes to apply this specialized gel and a few more minutes under a special light to dry and harden is all that is needed to have about five years worth of added protection against tartar, plaque, decay, and disease.

Dental denture sealants are a great idea for young children.  This gives them a little extra wiggle room for the days when they may not brush as thoroughly as they should, or they eat too many sugary snacks and treats.  Because it isn’t painful, it shouldn’t be too difficult to convince a child to have this done, and it doesn’t take a long time so they won’t get too fidgety before the treatment has ended.

Dental denture sealants are applied to the surfaces of teeth after they have been examined thoroughly by the dentist and then cleaned of all tartar build up, plaque, decay, infection, and disease.  It should be repeated twice a decade to keep on giving the teeth that extra boost of protection.  Of course, this does not take the place of all of the other preventative steps that dentists recommend to stay cavity free such as brushing twice a day with one time being at bedtime, flossing regularly, using mouth rinses and maintaining a good checkup schedule complete with cleanings each year.  Toothpaste containing fluoride is still required even though dental denture sealants have been applied.  Regular examinations can also keep the teeth healthy for years to come.