Permanent dentures are something that a patient can opt for as a restoration process for lost teeth.  Whether the teeth have already been extracted or they are going to be, this is something that a patient can consider when weighing options on how to replace teeth.  This involves making your teeth permanent, so no worries about your teeth falling out during dinner.  This device is designed after the dentist makes an impression of the patient’s mouth.  Then, the impressions are sent to a laboratory where dental dentures are made from that replica.

A patient can opt to have immediate dental dentures, which means that they are made before the dentist extracts the teeth and put in immediately following the extraction.  This is usually done when a patient insists on not being seen without teeth for cosmetic reasons such as replacing teeth that are in the front of the mouth.  The dentist often recommends against this because it does not give the gums time to heal and form.

Dental dentures are a cost effective option when replacing teeth.  Many people choose them because of the higher cost of other options such as implants.  While implants are deemed as being better because they are permanently affixed in the gum, sometimes budgets dictate otherwise.

These are removable so that they can be cleaned by soaking them overnight in special solutions that are sold in the retail market just for this purpose.  This also gives the gums a chance to rest.  If there is irritation that persists, gels and powders are available to help lessen the friction between the device and the gum as well as work to hold it in place.  However, it may be necessary to have the appliance refitted from time to time and eventually replaced.