Whether it is the enhanced imaging or the reduced exposure to radiation, dental digital radiography is the wave of the future.  No longer do dentists or patients have to wait for their X-rays to be developed.  This type of X-ray is immediate and available on a screen to both the patient and the dentist in real time.  This allows for the dentist to fully engage the patient while explaining the processes, procedures, and why they are necessary as well as outlining the problematic areas.  These areas can even be colorized with dental digital radiography.  The reason being is that the entire image is processed through a computer.  Once the image is captured, it can have color added to it, and it can be turned around to reveal all sides of the tooth or the area in question that is being examined.

This is extremely helpful to the patient who is facing more than one procedure and would like a detailed explanation why it is necessary to do it this way.  Dental digital radiography also allows for the dentist to be able to see all of the surfaces of the tooth and gum and examine them closely for any problems.  He or she can do this by using the magnification tools that this type of X-ray provides.  Dental digital radiography makes it possible to magnify any image up to 400 times from its original size, and this will greatly aid in seeing things that might have been missed prior to this type of X-ray becoming the norm in most dentist’s offices today.  Technology has made this breakthrough science available to enhance both the patient’s treatment and understanding.