Dental flossing is the most important way to clean teeth and keep from having serious problems, next to brushing.  Brushing takes care of the front and back of the teeth, which is the biggest part, but flossing them gets in between the teeth where brushing can’t get to.  Both are needed to maintain proper oral hygiene.  Without keeping the teeth and gums clean, a person can easily get plaque, tartar, or some kind of severe gum disease.  Dental flossing needs to take place at least once a day.  In 24 hours, plaque can build up on the teeth, so it is very important to do this every day.

Plaque can turn into tartar in just one day.  Minerals and fluids in the mouth produce calcified plaque which is tartar.  Once it reaches that point, only a professional dentist can remove all of it.  That is why it is vital to clean the teeth every day.

Just like any product on the market, there are a few different kinds of materials and tools that are used in dental flossing.  Normal floss comes wound up and either waxed or unwaxed.  To use this kind, people just need to tear a piece off and wrap it around their fingers.  To keep from having to wrap it around the fingers, companies have made some that have a handle on them.  This gives a person better control.  There is a special kind that goes under any equipment in the mouth as well.

The preferred method of dental flossing is to first tear off a piece that is 18 inches long and then wrap the ends around the middle finger of each hand.  After that, grip it with the index finger and thumb to have full control of it.  That should leave about one inch to work with.  Move it in a sideways motion to get in between the teeth.  Bleeding of the gums may occur if you do not do this often, but it should stop in about a week.