The varying values of dental implant prices can be off-putting at first, though like most expensive procedures of this sort, a simple amount of research and know-how can assuage any doubt that the procedure is ultimately worth it. Since this type of prosthetic is permanent, it’s one of the more popular procedures that patients are turning to in an effort to treat root problems and missing teeth.

The procedure itself uses a titanium screw that acts as a root for the crown that is later attached to the top, creating a durable and long-lasting replacement for the tooth that was either lost or removed.

Dental implant prices can differ from a variety of factors however, from the surgeon themselves to the difficulty of the tooth that needs to be replaced. If, for instance, the original tooth was severely misaligned, the cost can dramatically increase due to the extra work that would be needed to properly install the titanium root.

Bridges are also an option when going down the replacement tooth route, but understand that bridges affix to numerous teeth and are just as permanent as the single prosthetic. Likewise, understanding the amount of work and the amount of professionals that are going to be involved in the procedure can also greatly affect the cost. Some practices are able to handle most of the process themselves, alleviating some of the extra billing. If they do have to send out for the prosthetic, they may be able to include the cost in a single bill.

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