There are many dental implants benefits that the patient will realize soon after receiving them.  Perhaps the most profitable thing to the patient would be that this is a permanent solution to the problem of missing teeth.  There will be no need to go to constant readjustment settings like that which is required for dentures and no need to replace anything as is required of dentures.

Other dental implants benefits would be that they allow the bone to continue to be stimulated and to continue to generate healthy tissue.  Without tooth roots, the bone in the upper or lower jaw, wherever one has lost the teeth, will begin to shrink or recede.  This is because the roots stimulate the growth in the bone.  Once the roots are gone, there is nothing for the bone to grow around and so it begins to die.  One of the dental implants benefits would be that they have substitute roots in the form of rods that are inserted into the bone and gum.  This allows for the bone to remain healthy and not recede.

Other dental implants benefits to the patient would be that they can now eat and speak without any fear of a denture or a partial denture flipping out or slipping.  Actually, speaking or eating with teeth missing can be painful and difficult, not to mention dangerous for other healthy teeth that now must support the bite force of the missing teeth and be susceptible to wear and tear that they would not have been exposed to before with the missing teeth still in place.  Of course, another item that will seem profitable to the patient is being able to smile with confidence.