Everyone understands that dental implants cost more than a plate or dentures.  However, there is a reason why the pricing is so different.  One of these procedures is permanent, while plates are temporary. They must be replaced time and time again, about every five years.

Another problem with dentures is that they are simply filling a void and not doing anything to restore the patient’s mouth back to good health.  Dentures are basically meant to replace teeth so that a patient can eat and speak effectively.  They serve somewhat of an aesthetic purpose as well.  If only a few teeth are being replaced, then they are considered partial dentures.  and will need to have an anchoring point on both sides of the healthy teeth beside it.  This is often a point where decay is nearly imminent.  The partial also has to be removed to be cleaned. Food can also get beneath them and cause the wearer pain.

While dental implants do cost more, many patients find that the benefits make them worth it.  These teeth are permanently attached via a titanium rod into the gum and bone.  This helps to restore bone growth and stops the recession that is present once a tooth has been removed.  These replacement teeth will also work to keep all of the healthy teeth from shifting within the mouth.

The price of having these replacement teeth put in could vary greatly depending on the health of the patient’s mouth.  However, there is financing available. At the end of the day, it is often the right decision to make.