Dental phobia is nothing to laugh about.  It is a very real condition that goes far beyond the childlike fear of the dentist.  The studies that have been taken show that about 40 million Americans suffer from this condition today.  Like any phobia, this alters the way a person thinks and acts.  It affects their decision making process.  This condition can lead to major gum diseases and other problems with the teeth if it is not dealt with.

There is a vicious circle when it comes to this condition and gum disease.  People get some form of gum disease because they are scared to make regular trips to the dentist.  A common disease that many people get is called Periodontitis.  When they finally realize that they have a problem, they get even more reluctant to visit the dentist.  When their dental phobia takes over, they will come up with numerous excuses not to make an appointment.

The excuses range from the lack of money to they don’t have enough time in the day to visit with a dentist.  Although they may have a busy schedule, they need to make time to fix the problem they have before it gets worse.  Many people will write off the symptoms they are having just so they do not have to see a dentist.  Even if they understand the situation, they are subconsciously choosing to ignore the problems at hand.  This choice leads to severe conditions in the future.  There are many roots that may cause a person to have dental phobia.  It may stem from a traumatic experience from childhood.

Another reason could be that they have control issues.  Some people think that they have to have total control over every situation and fear being submissive to someone or something.  Dentists lay a patient down to work on them, but at that moment, the patient feels helpless.  What the dentist wears can be one of the root causes for dental phobia too.  The protective gloves and masks are often misunderstood by patients.