Dental porcelain & metal crowns are the preferred method of repairing and restoring damaged teeth.  Patients and dentists both love this procedure because it not only fixes and protects teeth, but it also makes it cosmetically pleasing to the eye.  It is also very durable and will stay put for a very long time if taken care of properly.  It will protect the damaged tooth from getting worse in the future.  The crown looks almost identical to a real tooth because it is the same color as the enamel.  The tooth will be protected by the metal interior and will look natural on the outside because of the porcelain.

Call Us Today!A tooth that has been filled before but is losing its fillings can be repaired with dental porcelain & metal crowns.  Future decaying problems will be prevented by this procedure.  Several patients get a disease called Bruxism, which causes teeth to be worn down.  This, along with many other diseases of the gums and mouth, can be fixed and protected by using this method.  An accident can occur that will chip or crack a tooth, making it a prime candidate for this process.  In the early days of dentistry, a tooth like this would simply be extracted.  With today’s technological advances though, it is easier to use dental porcelain & metal crowns to repair and protect the chipped tooth.  The dentists will try their best to save a tooth, rather than pulling it.

Two appointments are made for this process.  The patient will first meet with the dentist to go over everything and answer any questions.  An impression will be made and other information will be obtained to help with making a model for the patient.  Later, the patient will come in and have the hardware installed and cemented in so it will hold for a very long time.  Dental porcelain & metal crowns can be the answer to many tooth problems and will last a while if taken care of properly.