Dental sealants give the dentist and the patient one more way to prevent decay and cavities.  This is a great way to fight tooth disease because it is painless, and there is absolutely no down time to the procedure.  As a matter of fact, the procedure only takes a few minutes.  It is painless, so children won’t need to be afraid, and it lasts for quite a while which is a definite plus.

Dental sealants are applied to the teeth situated in the back portion of the mouth.  These teeth are more at risk for decay, disease, and cavities because they are hard to reach, impossible to see, and they have a lot of rough surfaces on top designed for chewing.  Because of these dents on the top of the back teeth, it is an excellent place for bacteria and food particles to hide.  This makes them much more susceptible to disease.

Dental sealants are very important for children because they have two sets of teeth to provide preventative care to, with one being the primary and the other being the permanent adult teeth.  The two go hand in hand.  The primary teeth must remain healthy so that they do not pass along any decay to the teeth waiting to push them out.  They also reserve space for the adult teeth to grow into.  By applying dental sealants to both sets, this keeps them healthy for a lifetime.  It gives a child a fighting chance at remaining cavity free.

Along with brushing and flossing, attending routine checkups and oral exams and eating a proper diet, this is just another thing that a patient can do to help keep their mouth, gums and teeth as healthy as possible.