Call us to schedule a tooth whitening session today!Dental teeth whitening can be done either in the office or at home, though it is generally best to go to a dentist to make sure the enamel is healthy enough to be bleached. Depending upon lifestyle choices, a patient may need to have the bleaching redone after a few months.

Discoloration to one’s dentiles can be due to many different things. Children often have whiter molars before they get their adult molars, and as a tooth ages, the color dulls due to structure changes. Blemishes can also be caused by different types of medicines, mouthwashes and beverages.

In the office, bleaching is done using a few different methods. Laser bleaching, for instance, is completed with a solution that goes on the patient’s dentures. The hygienist uses a laser to break down any stains inside and outside of the enamel. The clinic offers bleaching that involves a molding and a gel that deeply cleans the patient’s mouth. Light accelerated bleaching, often confused with laser assisted procedures, is done with a halogen light that excites the peroxide molecules in the patient’s mouth.

On the other hand, one may choose to purchase dental strips or the whitening toothpaste at the pharmacy. These options only handle the teeth that are shown when the patient smiles, and do not penetrate very deeply. The strips are made up of plastic that molds to the patient’s bite, and they can cause sensitivity and damage to the patient’s enamel.

Teeth whitening is available in many options and methods, as the patient can do it alone or at a clinic. Previous to choosing any method, however, one should always have their mouth checked.