It is now possible to take images in a much brighter, bigger, and bolder way with the use of digital dental X-rays.  This is a tool that has made the dentist and the various professionals involved with the office very happy.  No longer is there a need to wait for images to be developed by film.  No longer is there a need to have to dispose of the toxic waste that film presents.  No longer is the patient being exposed to radiation that isn’t necessary when it can be done with just ten percent of the amount of radiation that was once required.  Radiography, or digital dental X-rays, has changed the way that the dentist sees the patient, literally.

Digital dental X-rays work through the use of a computer generated image.  This image is then able to be made up to four hundred times bigger or smaller if need be.  The image can also be rotated around in a complete three hundred sixty degree rotation so that each and every inch of each surface can be surveyed for damage and disease.  This is a huge aid.

Digital dental X-rays also give the dentist the tools to more effectively communicate with the patient by allowing the patient to view the same images that the dentist is taking while the dentist is taking them.  This allows a lot of rapport back and forth about what the problems are, why they are problems, and what procedures are the best types of treatment to correct the problem.  Now, the patient can even take these images home with them thanks to this technology.  This makes it easier to make decisions and discuss the options with their family if they have the image to point to as they are discussing the issue.