If you have ever had a dry mouth, then you have had dry mouth complications.  Probably at several points in your life you will get xerostomia, which is the medical term used to describe this condition.  When your body stops producing an adequate amount of saliva, then your lips, tongue, throat, teeth, and gums can be affected.  You can prevent dry mouth complications alone and/or with the help of your dentist.  Saliva helps rinse out bacteria, protects your teeth and gums from cavities, and acts as a lubricant so everything will move with ease.  Without it your throat will become sore, your tongue will become really dehydrated which makes it hard to talk right, your lips will get chapped, and they may even crack and bleed.  Swallowing will become difficult which can be very troublesome.

Your saliva is very important, but you most likely won’t notice until you have a severe case of xerostomia.  As a type of lubricant, it makes everything work together smoothly and even rinses out bad bacteria that cause cavities and bad breath.  It also forms a protective shield over your teeth and gums so acid erosion will not take place.  Without this shield, soda drinks, candies, and other sugary items will attack your teeth and gums which can cause dry mouth complications.

If you have any dental equipment, this can become a painful problem that comes from xerostomia.  With no saliva to act as a lubricant, the equipment will rub against your cheeks and cause them to blister, inflame, or even cut.  By consulting a dentist, you can prevent most of these problems.

Your dentist can be very helpful when it comes to treating dry mouth complications.  They can give you tips that you can use at home, they can give you a saliva substitute, and much more.  Keeping up with your oral hygiene and consulting with your dentist can seriously diminish xerostomia.