Full dentures for a full arch are for those people who have a large number of teeth extracted.  It is very important that these areas have replacement teeth as soon as the natural teeth are extracted for health reasons, as well as the patient’s confidence level.

This type of tooth replacement makes it easier for the patient to eat and speak.  Trying to eat certain kinds of food without teeth can be very difficult and sometimes even dangerous.  Many foods need to be chewed thoroughly before being swallowed in order to ensure proper digestion.  Without teeth, this would be nearly impossible to do with some foods.

These types of replacements can often be put in immediately following the extractions, and for this reason they are called an immediate plate. The reason why someone might opt for this is the fear of having to walk around without teeth for a while.  Other people may have a high profile occupation where they must meet and greet people on a daily basis.  Whatever the reason, many people choose this type of a plate over other options.

Full dentures for a full arch are sometimes used in conjunction with implants that are installed to keep them in place. There are also those that can seemingly “float” on top of existing teeth, offering the patient the benefits they had with their real teeth. The dental professional will assist the patient in making the best choice for their specific needs. Whether the best option is dentures or implants, they enable to patient to face life with confidence and a beaming smile.