While it may seem like the cost effective route to go in the beginning, full mouth denture problems will quickly prove to be obstacles that weren’t expected.  If a patient is comparing the cost of permanent implants to the cost of this type of tooth replacement, the cheapest will absolutely be the replacement teeth.  Implants are more expensive, but they last a lot longer and are permanent.  There is no need to take them out to clean them and once they are implanted, a patient can eat and speak as if they were real teeth.

Call Us Today!Full mouth denture problems also include the fact that because these replacement teeth aren’t joined to the jaw bone, it will continue to shrink away.  This will cause the replacement teeth to need adjustment quite often as the bone shrinks.

Full mouth denture problems also include friction sores that are often encountered by patients.  As the replacement teeth become more and more ill-fitting, if they aren’t adjusted, they will move when the patient bites down or speaks.  This friction will eventually cause sores to appear that are extremely likely to become infected because of the bacterium found in saliva.

A poor diet may also be one of the many full mouth denture problems that a patient will find as a side effect to these replacement teeth.  It is very difficult to eat things that require a lot of chewing or a pressurized bite because much of the bite force is lost when these replacement teeth are opted for instead of implants.  This means that people often tend to shy away from these foods rather than have to fuss with cutting them up into smaller pieces.  This can lead to a poor diet.