Oral health care professionals realized that there was a need for a new way of doing things and gentle dentistry was born.  They realized that some patients had had bad experiences in the past with a professional that might have been too rough or just uncaring.  These experiences have grown into a full-fledged phobia that is as real as any other such as a fear of heights or a fear of spiders.  This was seen as a big problem because professionals knew that their patients weren’t getting the level of care that they needed or deserved because of these fears.

One may think that gentle dentistry just means that oral sedation is used for all procedures if the patient asks for it such as scaling or cleaning treatments.  While that is one part of it, there is much more to it.  There is more to the phenomenon known as dental phobia besides the apprehension about the pain.  Part of the fear factor is not being told what to expect.  This was once a problem with professionals that just didn’t feel like they needed to explain things to their patient.  Through this new approach, patients have everything explained to them in detail before the procedure and are encouraged to ask questions.  They are also made a part of the procedure through actively participating through observation on a monitor.  Even then, they may ask questions and get answers to ease their anxieties.

Oral health care professionals know that they have to build a relationship with their patients and care about them individually so that they can offer them what they need to make their visit as comfortable as possible. Today’s oral health care professionals ease fears with kindness and modern methods.