If you’re planning on getting out more this year and enjoying the natural wonder of the world, you may be looking for great places to hike and sightsee near Houston. Fortunately, our city is near, and home to, some of America’s most beautiful trails, full of picturesque views and challenging terrain.

At Ingenious Dentistry, we know that physical health and oral health are inextricably linked.
“They are directly related,” Dr. Dale Brant says. “First of all, if you get the right nutrition you get the proper fuel in order to exercise and to stay in shape. Gum disease and decayed and rotten teeth overload our immune system, which can put our health in a downward spiral and – over a period of time – cause a lot of devastation to our overall health. Having healthy teeth and gums is a part of having a healthy life.”

As a hiker and runner, Dr. Brant knows hiking is a great form of exercise. “Hiking burns calories and it is also a great time to get out and about to enjoy the outdoors,” he says. “When I am hiking it is a time to decompress my mind while enjoying the great outdoors.”

If you’re interesting in hiking, check out these popular hiking trails in and around Houston:

Armand Bayou Martyn Trails

This park has an expansive system of trails covering more than five miles. You will have the opportunity visit the wild prairie flowers and see the wildlife down in the bayou. These trails are particularly well-known for covering a wide gamut of different ecosystems.

Buffalo Bayou Trail

Welcoming for both hikers and bicyclists, you fill find more than 20 miles of adventurous trails at Buffalo Bayou. This is one of the most well-maintained, paved trails close to Houston, and it offers an easy hike for anyone who is just starting out with a healthier lifestyle.

Memorial Park

Convenient and close to town, Memorial Park is a great option for short hikes that gets you out of the sun and into the shade. Surrounded by massive trees and crossing several small streams, this is a great place to hike even when it’s hot outside.

Lake Houston Wilderness Park

Home to thousands of wild animals living peacefully on almost 4,800 acres, Lake Houston Wilderness Park is a great place to go bird watching or spend some time near the banks of Peach Creek. All told, there are roughly 12 miles of trails featuring a variety of different challenge ratings and bringing you into close contact with nature.

Bay Area Park

If you’re looking for a great place to hike and spend some time relaxing out in the wild, Bay Area Park is the place to go. Follow the flagstone trails up to the hidden gazebo and look out over the Armand Bayou. It’s a great place to quietly meditate, share a picnic or simply take a break before heading back down.

Ingenious Dentistry

Houstonian’s often underestimate the number of amazing hiking opportunities in and around the city. However, the motivation to live a healthier life is an admirable one and can even help you improve your oral health. Your dental hygiene can improve with a proper diet, and your friends at Ingenious Dentistry encourage you to eat healthy and exercise.
Dr. Brant says, “At Ingenious Dentistry, we know that good physical health and good oral health go hand-in-hand. With all the great hiking trails in and around Houston, we encourage our patients to enjoy the great outdoors and tell us about their adventures when they visit our office for great dental care.”