Gum surgery is typically required when a person is dealing with periodontitis. This disease infects the pockets of tissue around the teeth and can result in serious health complications. These include strokes, heart attacks or lost teeth. The cause of the disease is usually poor oral hygiene, and first presents itself as gingivitis. There are a couple of treatment options available that can reverse the condition, but only LANAP, or laser assisted new attachment procedure, can heal the area without causing damage to the tissue.

Traditionally, dentists have cut into the tissue and pulled it back during a procedure known as gum flap surgery. During this treatment, the doctor will create an incision in the tissue and clean out the bacteria and tartar infecting the area. If needed, the dentists will graft bone or tissue where the disease has necrotized cells. While this is effective, it also causes significant trauma and results in an extended recovery period. Postoperative pain is usually severe enough to warrant the use of prescription drugs. The patient will typically need a few weeks to heal completely.

LANAP is an alternative for people who do not want to deal with the pain or missed work. This treatment usually consists of a two-hour session with a follow-up visit. Unlike traditional methods, which require an incision, LANAP can clean out the pockets without causing damage to healthy tissues. The laser is extremely precise and there is no danger of burning or harming otherwise healthy cells. Because it is so precise, it can preserve the healthy tissue that would normally be destroyed during an invasive procedure. This encourages faster healing and reduces pain and bleeding.