Much of the homecare for temporary bridges that a dentist will advise the patient to follow will be the same oral hygiene regime that they are already following on a daily basis.  Of course, following a procedure such as this, there will be other types of issues to deal with besides the normal, everyday routine things.

Homecare for temporary bridges begins with knowing that it is not safe to eat or drink anything that could injure the mouth directly following this procedure.  This is because while the mouth is numb, there is no way for pain to be recognized.  This would include anything that is extremely hard in texture or extremely hot, such as very hot coffee or tea or like beverages or foods.

Homecare for temporary bridges may include prescriptions to combat pain, infection, and swelling.  The dentist will give the patient very specific guidelines to follow in the consumption of the medications and what signs to look for that may signal a symptom of side effect.  Other non-prescription remedies such as warm salt water rinses and taking some type of aspirin or acetaminophen product may also be advised.

Homecare for temporary bridges will follow the same guidelines that the dentist always issues at the end of a routine examination.  This includes brushing at least twice a day for a recommended amount of time with a soft bristled brush.  At this time, the dentist may also recommend toothpaste that helps with extreme sensitivity.  This can be prescription or over the counter.  The same could be said for mouth rinses.  They may be prescribed or over the counter but should be without any alcohol content.