How much are teeth implants?

There are numerous factors that impact the cost of the procedure, so when obtaining a quote, be sure to get a total fee that includes all aspects of the procedure.

What factors should be included?

The number of teeth and their location will affect the price. The quote should include exactly how many are to be completed.

The number of professionals that will be involved with the procedure will also affect the cost. A dentist, anesthesiologist, hygienist, and prosthodontist are all professionals that may be a part of the team. Each will have their own price that is added to the quote.

If bone grafting is necessary for a healthy surgery, then the price will be included in the quote. There are different types of bone grafting that should be explored. Some of the more extensive bone grafting surgeries can cost significantly more than others.

The type, material, and brand of the crown, abutment, and post will also affect the quote. The expertise of the prosthodontist is important to a successful procedure, and the price will often reflect their level of expertise. However, it is important to remember that price is not always indicative of experience or quality.

So how much are teeth implants? What can the patient expect to invest in the procedure?

The cost of the procedure typically costs between $3500 and $10000 per tooth. There are many factors that directly, and indirectly, affect the final cost. The healthier the mouth, gums, teeth, and bone, the less the cost will be. Other factors such as sinus elevation may also play a part in the final cost to the patient.

When patients ask, “how much are teeth implants?” they are looking for a healthier, better looking smile. The best way to get a solid idea of the cost is to make an appointment for a consultation. While the initial investment may seem hefty, the results are priceless.