Immediate dentures offer more than just aesthetic benefits.  While it is true that must patients who ask for this type of procedure are worried about eating and being seen in public without teeth, there are other positive health benefits to this type of procedure as well.  By keeping the areas where the teeth were extracted covered by the immediate dentures, this greatly reduces the chances for infection because of exposure to bacterium in the saliva and mouth.

Immediate dentures are not manufactured any differently than those that the patient must wait for, however, the process is different.  Usually the replacement teeth are made after the extractions are done so that the mold will fit the new surface of the gum.  However, in this process, the mold is taken before the extractions so that the replacement can be ready for the patient directly following the surgery or extractions.  The patient will literally come in with natural teeth and leave the same day with replacement teeth.

Immediate dentures, like any other type of foreign object inserted into the mouth, will feel strange for a while.  It may take time to be able to speak correctly and feel totally comfortable eating.  There will be some swelling and soreness as well.  There may be some bleeding that is noticeable.  However, in a couple of days most of this will subside.

Because the gum tissue will continue to shrink after the extractions, it will be necessary to have the replacement teeth readjusted to fit the new contours of the mouth.  This can usually be done in the office by adding a lining to the replacement teeth.  On occasion, it may be necessary to have them sent off for adjustment.