An implant dentist is a professional that has taken advanced coursework required by the ADA to perform the needed procedures. This means that any doctor that practices in the field could essentially earn the title after just a few extra classes. While many can perform one of these procedures if needed, many doctors will refer a patient to others that are more extensively trained in this area of oral healthcare. This is especially true if the procedure will be very involved, like jobs that require bone grafting. Bone grafting is necessary for any patient who has suffered a disease that has caused the jaw bone to recede. For most devices, there has to be a sufficient amount of bone for the new teeth to have the support they will require.

In the past, an implant dentist would imbed the support rods in the bone and then wait between six to eighteen months for the osseointegration process, or bone fusion, to take place.  However, in recent years, there has been great success with combining all of the restorative procedures necessary into only one appointment, speeding up the restorative process rather dramatically. This also removes the burden of the patient needing to wear a temporary plate while the jaw bone heals. Any doctor that wishes to perform this restorative oral surgery need only take the necessary courses in implantology. This type of procedure is heralded by many as it has given the patient the ability to smile once again without feeling self-conscious.