The term implant dentists means that these doctors have received advanced training to be able to install permanent replacement teeth.  This type of procedure falls under the category of cosmetic dental surgery and the ADA requires the additional training in order to earn certification to do these types of aesthetic treatments.

While there are certainly pros and cons associated with electing to install an implant, dentists will point out to patients that the advantages far outweigh any perceived disadvantages.  While dentures and dental bridges may indeed be much more affordable, they are not permanent and they do nothing to promote bone growth or stop other healthy teeth from moving and becoming unhealthy.  Replacement teeth and the procedures necessary to install them can be financed through the office.  Most practices offer several different types of financial plans that will allow for the patient to make payments instead of having to pay for the procedure up front.  This is helpful to patients who have insurance that will not cover these replacement teeth.

Another issue that patients often voiced was that this procedure takes too long and the recovery time is too inconvenient and impractical to fit into their life.  Doctors have been working on procedures that cut the recovery time down drastically by opting to surgically place the titanium rods and then immediately thereafter install the replacement teeth.  There will still be a healing period for the bone, but it will be reduced greatly, and this works well for the busy adult that has a career and family responsibilities.