Professional laser whitening has opened the doors to a brighter smile not only to magazine models but the American population in general. In most cases, an hour is all it takes to achieve dazzling results.

The procedure is safe, painless and most importantly, more effective than other teeth bleaching methods on the market. Do-it-yourself home kits contain messy gels, uncomfortable strips or awkward dental trays. And while limited positive results can be observed with consistent and regular application of at-home solutions, the process to achieve the desired teeth lightening often takes weeks or months. Mouth rinses and toothpastes that claim to brighten teeth take even longer.

During a teeth bleaching session at the dentist’s office, the dentist applies a paste containing peroxide directly to the enamel of the patient’s teeth.  An oxidation reaction then penetrates the enamel without damaging it, and begins to break down embedded discoloration.  A light source (usually a laser) applied to the patient’s teeth acts as an accelerator that speeds up the disintegration of dental stains.

Among teeth bleaching solutions, professional services are generally the most expensive, starting at around $300. The investment, however, yields definitive results that justify the cost for most people. The procedure brightens teeth by up to 12 shades and the effect is visible immediately.

Those who consider using a teeth bleaching system are encouraged to seek the service and advice of a dentist. Not only can patients expect better results than with home bleaching kits, a dentist can also ensure safe application of the peroxide product and protection of the gums. A dentist’s professional expertise is also recommended in ascertaining that laser whitening is the best possible teeth brightening method for any particular patient, based on an assessment of the patient’s dental health and history.