Oral surgery is performed by a specialist in the dentistry field.  This specialist will specialize in many different types of procedures and treatments that affect the face, teeth, mouth, and the jaw bone.  This is a very important field because this is the office that will accept the referrals from dentists for things such as TMJ treatments, cancers of the mouth, Sleep Apnea correction, cosmetic procedures for teeth and many other types of procedures.

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Oral surgery requires that a dentist go on to do four years of residency work in an accredited hospital in order to receive their surgeon’s license.  After this has been achieved, a specialist must periodically attend continuing educational courses in order to update his or her license.  This is done so that the most technologically advanced procedures and equipment can be taught to those who are already practicing medicine in the field.

When a patient is referred to a specialist for oral surgery, they have a right to ask the questions that will make them feel at ease with this new doctor.  Some questions that a new patient might want to ask would include how long this particular specialist has been doing oral surgery.  Other questions may include what school the doctor attended to become a dentist, and what school did he or she attend to become a specialist.

Further questions may also include whether or not the patient’s insurance will cover all of the procedures and if it does not, does the clinic or office offer any type of financing through a third party or in-house.  It is also important that the patient completely understand the procedure, the options that might be available instead of that procedure, and the risks involved.  These are all questions that the patient should not be afraid to ask.