People have been dealing with problems with their mouth, such as periodontal disease, since the beginning of time.  Obviously, people living in those days did not have the advanced tools that we have today.  The methods they used were cruel and crude.  Today, though, experts have a vast amount of knowledge on the conditions that harm the teeth and gums.  The tools that are used today are extremely more advanced compared to early tools.  Despite all that knowledge and tools, periodontal disease and other conditions still wreak havoc on over 90% of the population today.  If people do not practice good oral hygiene, then the chances of getting some sort of gum disease are very high.

There is a crevice between the teeth and gums called the sulcus.  Inside this small area is where periodontal disease starts.  When food gets chewed up and swallowed, there is always a tiny bit of bacteria that stays behind and hides out there.  If treated right away, this is not a major issue, but if not taken care of quickly, it will turn into much worse stages of the condition.  In the end, this could lead to receding gum lines and the loss of many teeth.

Many different things trigger this condition.  Smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco, diabetes, crooked teeth, and defective equipment in the mouth can all increase the risk of getting periodontal disease.  The main catalyst to getting this condition is poor dental hygiene.  Some people may think that they are too busy to maintain proper care of their mouth, but this is a vital step in the treatment of periodontitis.  Regular trips to the dentist can help in more ways than one.  They can not only treat the problems, but he can also talk with each patient about the options they have on how to do this and give them tips on how to take care of their teeth from home.