While it is true that permanent dental bridge care is extremely important, it is crucial that a patient follow the ADA recommended guidelines for oral hygiene at all times for the best possible outcome concerning their oral health.  While some of the recommendations that a patient who receives this device is sent home with mimic the same that any patient would be told such as brushing and flossing daily, there are also special instructions that go along with the placement of this apparatus.

Permanent dental bridge care involves realizing that whenever a device is placed in the mouth, it is more prone to decay and cavity promotion.  So it is extremely important to keep the area very clean at all times.  This means that the patient will want to brush more often and rinse when they cannot brush.  If the area where the device was placed is too sensitive for a brush, an irrigation, or water jet, system may be the optimum alternative to a brush.

Permanent dental bridge care also means that a patient will have to consider oral hygiene after each meal instead of the recommended twice a day attention that the average patient is advised to do.  This is an attempt to keep the area of the apparatus as free from debris and food particles as possible so as not to allow decay to begin from the bacteria pooling in the area.

Permanent dental bridge care will allow the patient to enjoy a long and happy partnership with this new device.  By following the guidelines such as not biting down until the numbness has worn off and never putting anything in the mouth to chew on such as pencils or pens, there will be no problems for years to come.