People can find many different ways to fracture a tooth so badly that placing a dental post and core is the best option.  A person could accidently chip or break a tooth by fighting, playing sports, or even by decay.  There are a few options that a patient could choose in order to repair the damaged tooth if it is a small fracture, but when the damage does not leave enough tooth mass to put a crown on, placing a dental post and core is still an option.

A dentist does this procedure by having a metal structure anchored down through the damaged tooth and then surrounding it with a special solution that will harden and form the shape of a tooth.  This will give the patient the functionality of a natural tooth.  With an anchor being used, this procedure can only be done to patients who have had a root canal.

If more than half of the tooth is broken off, any dentist will insist on placing a dental post and core to repair it.  The material that the dentist uses is bio-friendly.  It can be made from metal or carbon fiber.  If the patient has not had a root canal, one will be done.  This is also an opportunity to prepare for the other procedure.

First, the anchor will be set in place.  Then, the dentist will enclose it with the special substance.  This is the substance that will harden and then be shaped like the original tooth.  The dentist must be precise when shaping it because the crown will need to go on tight.

The first visit will end with the dentist making an impression of the teeth to send off to the lab.  The lab will then make the perfect permanent crown to fit the repaired tooth.  The second visit to the dentist will finalize placing the dental post and core by fitting the permanent crown.