Not everyone can handle an oral healthcare visit free of anxiety, and while the sedation dentistry cost will be a little extra, it may be the only thing that gets someone the care they need.

The first thing anyone electing for it should do is check to see what their insurance will cover. While delivered anesthesia is covered during some procedures, it’s not usually covered for basic things like cleanings. The patient is going to have to foot the entire bill in that case. Still, if it means maintaining good oral health, then the extra fee is really just a small hurdle.

The sedation dentistry cost will vary depending on the anesthesia used by the professional. If a patient’s anxiety is fairly mild, then a doctor will usually choose nitrous oxide first. When inhaled, it can send a person into deep relaxation, and though they remain conscious, it greatly dulls anxiety. It’s also free of complications, and wears off quickly. As an added bonus, many practices won’t even charge for it, but if they do, it’s usually around $100. Oral tranquilizers are priced anywhere from $200 and $400, and are a bit stronger. They are typically delivered in two doses, and are also generally free of complications.

Intravenous anesthesia is the strongest that will be administered, and it is used sparingly. The fee for it will fall somewhere between $500 and $800, and it is normally only recommended for people who have extremely powerful and persistent anxiety. It’s not offered at every practice though, as any professional who uses it must pass a board exam and be certified in its usage. Any patient under its effects must be monitored at all times to avoid any complications.