Dental implants can be an important part of maintaining long-term dental health and they are an ideal solution for anyone who has lost teeth. They permanently replace missing teeth, no matter if you lost them to decay, gum disease, jaw injury, or other factors.
Dental implants consist of custom tooth replacements that are affixed to titanium posts which are surgically placed in the jawbone. Thanks to the use of advanced porcelain, the new tooth matches the color profile of its neighboring teeth and patients find they blend in perfectly. Dental implants are just as strong as your original teeth and, given proper care, will last a lifetime.
Dr. Dale Brant, of Ingenious Dentistry, says, “Dental implants can and will improve a patient’s life. They can restore confidence in someone who is missing teeth or has poorly-fitting dentures. They are the foundation to a beautiful smile.”
Here are some signs that you should consider dental implants:

Do You Feel Uncomfortable With Your Smile?

Many people find the thought of losing teeth upsetting, especially if they are in the front of their mouth. People who have lost teeth may avoid smiling and may even put less effort into dental hygiene, which can further affect their teeth’s appearance.
With dental implants, you can restore your smile to a completely natural look with a full set of teeth.

Do You Have Difficulty Chewing or Enjoying Certain Foods?

High-quality dental implants are fully functional as well as cosmetic. After you’ve lost teeth, chewing can place uneven stress on the remaining teeth and other oral structures. The loss can also expose sensitive root surfaces.
Over time, chewing hard foods can become difficult. Eating hot or cold foods may be uncomfortable, too. In these situations, implants can completely restore your ability to eat all the foods you want.

Do You Currently Wear Dentures?

Dentures are a solution to multiple tooth loss, but they present some inconveniences of their own.
As dentures are not permanently affixed to the gums, they can move about and cause irritation along the gum line. They are not as strong as natural teeth, or implants, and they have to be replaced every few years.
Unlike permanently-affixed dental implants, dentures can move when speaking or eating and they simply do not look or function as well as implants, which are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Other Options

Beyond dentures and implants, other treatments exist for missing teeth. Dr. Brant notes, “There are other options for a person that is missing a tooth or teeth. For example, fixed porcelain bridgework is an option, but dental implants are the only option for loose dentures.”

Dental Implants in the Bellaire Area

Conveniently located for Bellaire residents, Dr. Brant and his experienced team at the Ingenious Dentistry office can help determine if dental implants would be right for you. Your mouth will be evaluated and the doctor will discuss all your treatment options with you.
Dr. Brant and his staff understand that being a dental patient is not fun and can be quite stressful for many people. They do their very best to welcome new patients, make them feel comfortable and provide them with the top-quality dental services they need.
Regarding dental implants, Dr. Brant says, “Dental implants can restore a glorious smile to a patient’s face while helping to solve many dental health issues caused by missing or damaged teeth. At Ingenious Dentistry, we have helped multiple Bellaire residents achieve the smile of their dreams and we’re confident we can help you do the same.”
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