In today’s world, dental patients have a few different options when it comes to teeth replacement. A dentist can provide a patient with the best option for a smile that will give them confidence.  There are at least four options to consider.

One of the most popular options is the dental implant.  Strong bone and tissue in the mouth are necessary for this procedure.  A screw is put into the jawbone where a missing space is located.  In time, the area will heal and within three months or so the periodontist will go back in and place a crown into the open area.   Implants done correctly should last for many years.  The placement of the implant also reduces the chance of dental problems in the future.

A second procedure that is almost as common as the dental implant is known as a fixed bridge.  This procedure is permanent, and enamel from the adjacent teeth is used to create a permanent bridge. Everything is connected together to produce a stunning smile.  Patients without strong bone and tissue in the mouth often have to opt for this procedure.

Another option for dental patients is known as a bonded bridge.  This procedure is temporary and often has to be replaced within ten years, meaning more work is often required down the road.

The last option is considered a removable appliance known as the budget flipper. This flipper creates a partial denture and is the most affordable of all choices.  One of the disadvantages, however, is that the clasps within often show and many patients have said in reviews that the device was a bit uncomfortable.

There are many options to consider today for the dental patient.  The process of teeth replacement can bring a winning smile while still being affordable.