Anyone interested in a smile with straighter teeth has been faced with the decision of whether or not to invest in braces. There are many drawbacks to traditional metal braces, and many adults feel that they are too old to wear them because of their appearance. That’s where Invisalign comes in. Invisalign allows patients to straighten their teeth with minimal discomfort and without the visual disadvantages of metal braces.

How Does Invisalign Work

Invisalign uses a series of custom-molded, clear plastic aligners that work to gradually move your teeth over time. Each set of plastic mouthpieces is designed to move teeth a specified distance. As your teeth move, you will graduate to the next set of aligners every two to three weeks, until you have completed the whole sequence. Patients usually reach the end of their successful treatment within 9-15 months.

How Is Invisalign Different from Traditional Braces

The biggest difference between the two types of orthodontics is that Invisalign really is invisible to the casual observer. This means you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. Also, you can easily remove the aligners to eat and brush your teeth throughout the day, and then replace them.
As these molds are designed specifically for your mouth and they fit snugly over your teeth, they do not carry the same risk of pain, discomfort and lesions in the mouth for which metal braces are known.
Dr. Dale Brant says, “I have used Invisalign for many years in my practice at Ingenious Dentistry and I recommend them for my patients who desire to straighten their teeth without the discomforts and other disadvantages of traditional metal braces. During your office visit, we can determine if Invisalign would work well for you.”

What Does It Take To Get Started

Invisalign is extremely easy to get started with and will start showing results within just a few weeks of being fitted for your first clear plastic aligners. A consultation with Ingenious Dentistry will determine whether or not Invisalign is a suitable solution for you and your smile. Once you have been fitted for your first set of aligners, it’s as easy as putting them in and wearing them consistently.

Is After Treatment Required

After you have completed the full course of your Invisalign treatment, there may be some ongoing care needed to keep your teeth from returning to their original positions. Depending on the outcome of your personalized treatment, a retainer may be required for ongoing wear to maintain your corrected smile, as is the case with traditional braces.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost

When a patient decides to invest in their teeth, they may consider what the Invisalign cost would be for them. For patients that have the choice between this product and traditional braces, figuring out what the expense and advantages are to choosing this cutting-edge method of dental care is important.

The Invisalign cost will vary depending on the severity of the patient’s case, the length in which they will need the product and where they live. The average expense is around $5,000, but for patients that have good oral health and minimal defects, the price can be as low as $2,000. For patients that have multiple issues and need extended care, it can be as high as $8,000.

Most insurance companies cover the cost of this orthodontic care, but that coverage can vary. If a patient is faced with significant out-of-pocket expenses or they have no dental insurance, there is financing available. Many dental offices offer financing or work with companies that offer no-interest or low-interest rate options. This dental product is also eligible for Flexible Spending Account deduction, or FSA, which is an option if the patient’s employer offers it.

Ingenious Dentistry
The Invisalign method provides all of the results of traditional metal braces without any of their inherent discomforts and visual drawbacks. Nobody even has to know that you are wearing them!
If you are ready to begin straightening your teeth today, please give Ingenious Dentistry a call to schedule a consultation. Dr. Dale Brant and his team will help you determine the best option for a straight and beautiful smile.