A three unit dental bridge can make all the difference in the world between a healthy mouth and guaranteed future problems without it.  This type of device can be made of porcelain fused with metal, porcelain alone, or gold.  Most places choose to use porcelain fused with metal because of the fact it is super durable and not nearly as expensive as using gold at today’s prices.

A three unit dental bridge works by attaching a connector between two crowns in the mouth.  This type of procedure will require several visits to the office to complete.  From beginning to end, steps are taken to guard the work against further damage.

A three unit dental bridge procedure begins with removing the decayed and infected portions of the teeth.  This may involve only going as deep as the enamel or it may entail cleaning out the dentin or even into the midsection or the pulp area.  Once this is done, the tooth is then sealed, and a temporary crown is placed on it.  A molding of the patient’s mouth is taken so it can be sent to the laboratory to have the three unit dental bridge manufactured.

Once the device has arrived at the office, the patient will return to have the temporary crowns taken off and prepare to have the permanent crowns and the device permanently attached.  Before this is done, many different tests will be run to make sure that the fit is proper and that the bite is correct.  Should a problem arise, the device will be sent back to the lab along with additional measurements in order for adjustments to be made.