Searching for the best tooth implant cost in Houston needs to be done with a little caution. Although the procedure can be pretty expensive, this isn’t really something that someone should skimp on. It’s a permanent procedure that, if done correctly, will mimic the look and function of natural teeth.  It is therefore a good idea to find the best professional for the job.

In Houston, the price of everything involved in the process– from the examination, to the root device to the abutment, and to the crown will total around $3,200 – $3,800.  It is difficult to find a tooth implant cost outside of this range.  This is because the price of the procedure tends to be higher in major cities, as well as on the west and east coasts, so Houston has slightly lower prices than the national average. Even still, it is not insignificant.  In some instances, financing options can be found that cover a portion, and sometimes all, procedure costs.  Financing can be especially helpful for someone who will need multiple replacements.

Because of the price, some patients opt for other replacement devices.  Chief among these is a bridge. A bridge can restore multiple gaps at once, which is useful for someone who has experienced severe damage or disease in the mouth. That being said, however, a bridge also has a number of drawbacks to consider.  First, a bridge is similar to a root device in price, so it doesn’t offer much savings. Second, it is not as durable and will likely require eventual replacement. Finally, it does not slow down bone loss as much as a root device is able to do.  Bone loss in the jaw represents a major concern that can lead to further issues in the mouth.